VM:Secure and RMS Interface
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VM:Secure and RMS Interface


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VM:Secure for z/VM


Trying to set up DFSMS/RMS on our z/VM system and when I try to start the RMSMASTR server, it comes back with:

      RPICMS003E CMSIUCV CONNECT error, IPRCODE=11   Error initiating connection to RACF/VM, return code=8

Since we are using VM:Secure, and not RACF/VM, can you offer some suggestions how to resolve this error.    








The IPRCODE 11 means that the target user for the communication is not logged on which would make sense if the target is not VMSECURE.   We would expect it to be the RACF server ID since the RPIUCMS accessed is the IBM supplied one.    If RMS is using Diagnose X'88' for password verification, VM:Secure would be involved but only to verify a user password.  Broadcom does supply logic for security interfaces that work with TCP/IP via a replacement RPIUCMS.  VM:Secure has its own version. There is information in the VM:Secure Rules Facility guide in the section about Configuring VM:Secure for the TCP/IP feature.   RMS will continue running and use the authorization file that is discussed there.  You will need to use that authorization file to set up authorization checking at the DFSMS/VM command level.  If DFSMS/VM uses the VM password in any authorization checking, the server would need authority to use DIAG88 through a VMSECURE DIAG88 rule.  




Additional Information

You can find more information in the VM:Secure Rules Facility guide, Configuring VM:Secure to work with TCP/IP, found at: