New VSAM File needed with New BDAM File
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New VSAM File needed with New BDAM File


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Top Secret


Need to allocate a new backup file using TSSMAINB. The VSAMFILE DD was commented out and the job is receiving a JCL error.
Can the VSAMFILE DD coded with the original backup file be used?



The BDAM and VSAM files are paired together and cannot be mixed and matched. In other words, if a new BDAM file is allocated, a new VSAM file also needs to be allocated. The VSAMDEF6 job in the Top Secret r15 CAKOJCL0 library should be used to allocate the backup VSAM file. (VSAMDEF3 is used for the primary VSAM file. The difference is VSAMDEF6 has REUSE.) The VSAM file needs to be allocated before the BDAM file.