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How to get sql command line access to the WCC derby database


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How do I access the sql command line for the WCC derby database?


1. Stop the CA-WCC-db service. Only one application can connect to the database at a time.


2. Change directory to the location of the database files for derby:


Windows: cd "C:\Program Files\CA\Workload Control Center\derby\DB_FILES"




3. Execute the ij derby tool:


Windows "java  -jar "C:\Program Files\CA\Workload Control Center\derby\lib\derbyrun.jar" ij"


Unix    "java  -jar <WCC_INSTALL_LOCATION>\derby\lib\derbyrun.jar ij"


4. You should see an ij> prompt. At this command prompt type "connect 'jdbc:derby:<WCC_DERBY_DB_NAME>;bootPassword=srqadmin';"




connect 'jdbc:derby:WCC_MAIN;bootPassword=srqadmin';


5. If your able to login to the Database, you will get a command line prompt "ij>" with no error indication.


6. To test, show the tables that exist in the database. Type “show tables;” and hit Enter.


You should see a list of all the tables in the WCC Configuration/Reporting/Monitor databases.




Release: ATSYHA99000-11.3.6-Workload Automation AE-High Availability Option