Error when importing using Spectrum Modeling Gateway
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Error when importing using Spectrum Modeling Gateway


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CA Spectrum


When importing an xml file using the Spectrum Modeling Gateway that was created from an export using the Spectrum Modeling Gateway, an error is received and the import fails.

./modelinggateway -vnm spectrum -i import_file.xml 

Modeling Gateway import started. Fri, Nov 20, 2015, at 01:07:46 AM PST 

Parsing import file import_file.xml

Modeling Gateway import exception: 

java.lang.Throwable: Unknown attribute identifier_name in model element com.aprisma.tie.parse.ContainerElement: null:null 




The import file contains the "identifier_name" parameter for a container element which is an invalid parameter for a container element.

This can occur for an AutoDiscovery container element when the AutoDiscovery root container model specified in an AutoDiscovery configuration has been deleted and the model handle that was assigned to the root container model has been reassigned to a new model. If the new model is a port model, this could happen and you would see the something similar to the following in the import xml file:


<adisc_root_container><Port identifier_name="portID" identifier_value="144" model_handle="0x314cf7" /></adisc_root_container>


The resolution is to manually modify the import xml file and replace the above entry with the following: