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Interface requirements for SYSVIEW and SYSVIEW for DB2 (Insight for DB2)


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What is required to configure the interface between CA SYSVIEW and CA SYSVIEW for DB2 (formerly known as CA Insight for DB2)?


To access SYSVIEW for DB2 via SYSVIEW, there needs to be a Passticket set up. 
PassTicket setup requires three parties to be in synch. SYSVIEW, 
XNET and the Security Subsystem (ACF2, RACF, TSS, etc). 

From a SYSVIEW perspective, the SYSVIEW DB2 parmlib member,needs updated,
specifically the XNET-PassTicketApplId and XNET-Port parameters will need modified.

XNET-Port specifies the TCP/IP port used to connect to the CA Database 
Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS Xnet address space. Configuring 
the z/OS Xnet Server is detailed in the CA Database Management for 
Distributed Databases Implementation Guide, 

This XNET-Port value must match the value specified by the Xnet PORT
parameter. A value of 0 (the d
efault) prevents any attempt to connect to the Xnet address space. 

XNET-PassTicketApplId specifies the application name that is to be used 
to generate user passtickets that are used to connect to the CA Database 
Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS Xnet address space. 

This name must match the name specified in the Xnet PASSNAME parameter. 
There is no default.

If you plan on using this functionality, you will be required to have a PassTicket
set up. The setup for this is detailed
in the SYSVIEW Security Guide under

So your SYSVIEW DB2 Parmlib setup for this would look something like
the follow
ing example: 

* enter configuration options below 

XNET-PassTicketApplId 'DBTICKET' 
XNET-Port 5500 

)EOF / 

The following manuals may be reviewed for setup/configuration considerations.. 

For Xnet setup and configuration: 


CA Database Management for Distributed Databases Implementation Guide 
Chapter Titled:'CA SYSVIEW for DB2 for z/OS Integration with CA Insight DPM' 

For CA SYSVIEW setup and configuration:


CA SYSVIEW Performance Management Administration Guide 
Chapter 5 Title: Customize the Components, Options, and Monitoring 


CA SYSVIEW Performance Management Security Guide
Chapter 5, Section Titled: PassTicket Configuration 
 (Specifically for the security setup, RACF, ACF2, etc) 



Release: FAQSO.00200-14.1-SYSVIEW-Performance Management