Error "(401) Unauthorized" connecting from Jasper Studio in Clarity
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Error "(401) Unauthorized" connecting from Jasper Studio in Clarity


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You receive error "(401)Unauthorized" when trying to connect from Jasper Studio in a SaaS System

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Jaspersoft Studio
  2. Navigate to Repository under servers
  3. Create or edit a Jasper Reports Server Access Configuration
  4. Fill in the organization name, URL, Username & Password 
  5. Click On Test Connection

Expected Result: The Connection should be successful provided all the information are correct

Actual Result: Error "(401)Unauthorized" 


Release: Clarity 15.1-15.7 (SaaS and On-Prem)


Jasperstudio connects using an internally defined user which has "ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR" access rights, we need to make sure that the user is set-up properly and SaaS Systems are configured to allow only SOAP Protocol.


Ensure you have the user set up properly in Jasper Server. To do this, follow the below instructions:

  1. As a user who has the "Advanced Reporting - Administer" right navigate to Home -> Advanced Reporting.
  2. On the Jaspersoft home page navigate to Manage -> Users.
  3. Click on "Add User" to add a new User and furnish the details such as "User Name", "Password", "Email".
  4. Once the user is added, search for the newly created user and click on "Edit".
  5. Search for "ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR" under Roles Available and add it to the User. Once it's added click on save.
  6. Change the Jaspersoft Reports Server profile to use SOAP protocol.
    1. Login to Jaspersoft Studio
    2. Edit the Jasper Reports Server Access Configuration
    3. Click on Advanced Setting (+) Symbol to expand the section
    4. Check "Use SOAP PROTOCOL ONLY"

Additional Information

See also: Jaspersoft / Reports frequently reported issues with Clarity


Important Notes for Jaspersoft Studio 7.9

This document above applies to older versions of JS Studio and not to 7.9.

By default (unless the setting is changed), Studio will try REST first and if that fails, it will  try SOAP.

However, both should work fine in  JS 7.9, unless there is a corporate firewall or proxy blocking one or both of the two.