Getting CAS9182A message for PROD(IE)


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After executing the CA Common Services for z/OS CAS9 procedure to activate LMP keys, CAS9182A messages are being written to the system log every 15 minutes warning that the LMP key for PROD(IE) is going to expire.

CAS9182A WARNING: LMP key Prod (IE) expires in 029 days.

Product code 'IE' is the code for Insight for DB2 which is not installed.



 Insight for DB2 is unlicensed and there is no LMP key for this product.  The underlying reason for the CAS9182A message can be tied to the execution of CA SYSVIEW and its configuration options.


CA Common Services for z/OS executing the CAIRIM component to activate license keys for various CA Mainframe products, including CA Sysview.  


  1. Review the CA SYSVIEW started task JESMSGLG. Here you should see the configuration options in affect. Look for the option Component-DB2 and whether the value is set to Yes or No. Because you are getting the LMP message the expectation is that the value is set to Yes. Here is a sample of the message you should find in the SYSVIEW JESMSGLG.
    GSVX998I (MAIN) GSVX745I*GSVXGSVX |Option-TCPIP                     No
    GSVX998I (MAIN) GSVX745I*GSVXGSVX |Option-WebSphereMQ               No
    GSVX998I (MAIN) GSVX745I*GSVXGSVX |Component-DB2                    Yes   <---
    GSVX998I (MAIN) GSVX745I*GSVXGSVX |Component-Health-Check           Yes
    GSVX998I (MAIN) GSVX745I*GSVXGSVX |Component-MIM                    Yes
  2. Locate and edit the CA SYSVIEW System Configuration Options member (eg. GSVXGSVX) and modify the value for Component-DB2 to No.
  3. Recycle the CA SYSVIEW address space. 

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