How can I change the Refresh Time for KPI (Key Performance Indicator) entries whose names start with webConcurrent?
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How can I change the Refresh Time for KPI (Key Performance Indicator) entries whose names start with webConcurrent?


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Refresh Time
Specifies the time interval (HH:MM:SS) at which the KPI metrics are updated. This field is required. When you create a KPI, you can enter the refresh time in hours, minutes, and seconds. You can edit the value.

But when you try to edit the KPI, the Refresh time is displayed as "01:00:00" and the field cannot be edited, it is a read-only field.

How to change this Refresh Time? 


Service Desk Manager: 17.3.x


Using Options Manager under the Administration tab, install the option named "concurrent_lic_refresh_interval", if it is not already installed, and then specify a new value in the Option Value field in place of the current value. 

When editing the value of the option, you may notice that the default Description field of the option contains the following information:

The concurrent license kpi refresh time interval in seconds. Sets with default value 3600,if not installed.
Range: 600 - 7200 seconds.

Thus, the value would be entered as a number of seconds.  3600 is equivalent to 1 hour; for a 15 minute interval, set the value to 900.

The value of concurrent_lic_refresh_interval affects each of the eight KPI's that have names starting with "webConcurrent" and that are active.  The 8 KPI's are:


Note: All predefined KPIs are installed as Inactive. For a KPI to begin functioning in your system, it must be set to Active. To set a KPI to Active: 
1. Click on the "Administration" tab.
2. Open the "Service Desk" folder and click on "KPIs". 
3. Click on "Show Filter" in the KPI List, select Inactive in the Active dropdown, and click on "Search". 
4. In the resulting KPI List, click on a KPI name such as "webConcurrentLicenseCt". 
5. On the Detail form for that KPI, click on "Activate".

Additional Information

For more information about Key Performance Indicators, please review the information in the Service Management 17.3