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How can I do my own numeric validation?


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Vision:Results Vision:Sixty



Normally a blank (hex'40') in a field defined as packed decimal causes a S0C7 abend
Normally a divide by zero causes a S0CB abend.

VISION:Results evaluates S0C7 and S0CB ABENDs caused by blank packed fields and zero numeric divisor fields,
respectively, corrects the problem,  reverses the ABEND,  and allows processing to continue.


If you want to do your validation in these cases, add   OPTION $$DUMP   to the beginning of the program.
This disables error handling if the program abends allowing S0C7 (data checks) and S0CB (zero divide exceptions)
to be captured by the ESPIE/STXIT code. For the indicated program exceptions, the normal error analysis report
is generated. For all other program exceptions the system abends immediately at the problem point.


Component: V:RSLT