System abend 0D3, Reason Code 013.
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System abend 0D3, Reason Code 013.


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I know that I am just missing something with my new installation of CA Spool. When trying to access the menu from ISPF or TSO command, the system issues a system completion code = 0D3 with a reason code = 013. 



Installation of a new release of CA Spool with z/OS.



The problem you are reporting is commonly related to the SVC with CA Spool.

For example you may be using an old version of the SVC (program ESFSVC in the CA Spool load library), or the SVC number is already used, or it is not of the expected type 4.

Please, in your ESFPARM, check which SVC number you are using; there are two possible parameters - SVCCODE or ESRCODE; if ESRCODE is coded then the SVCCODE specification is ignored.

Check if the SVC is loaded dynamically by CA Spool at startup or if it was pre-loaded into the PLPA during IPL.

If you have a MODULES statement in the ESFPARM using a different name than ESFSVC for the SVC program name it is normally ignored with CA Spool V12; although it would be better to remove the ESFSVC specification, it should not cause a problem.


Additional information:

More details about SVCCODE and ESRCODE can be found in the CA Spool Installation Guide, Chapter 5, Starting Your Product, under Assign Values to the Initialization Parameters. Also see SVCCODE and ESRCODE description in the CA Spool Customization Guide.


Release: CMASLI00200-11.7-Spool-Print Management-Interface for HP Laser