How the DBCleanup.exe utility works in Service Desk
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How the DBCleanup.exe utility works in Service Desk


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The purpose of DB Cleanup utility is to remove any leftover data after any of the product components in CA Service Management is uninstalled. This unnecessary data is removed from in al_cdb_configurationparameters table and related tables within the MDB. 

Running this executable will not have an impact on other MDB tables or Data.



Release: CA Service Desk Manager 17.x 



-        One can find the DBCleanup Utility by accessing the Service Management Install media, under the DVD1\DBCleanupUtility directory.

-        To run the command, Double-click the DBCleanupUtility.bat to launch the DB Cleanup utility. Follow the on screen instructions and select only the products that have been uninstalled form that host as shown the below example screenshot:

Enter the following details:

Database Server Type: Specify the type of server, MS SQL or Oracle.

Database Host Name: Enter the host name of the server where the database resides.

Database User Name:

SQL Server: Enter the privileged user detail that has permission to create and modify schema.

Oracle: Provide the mdbadmin user name.

Database Password:

MS SQL: Enter the database password used by the database admin user.

Oracle: Enter the password for the Oracle database user.

Database Port Number: Provide the database port number.

Enter Database Name: Enter the database name. For example, mdb.

System Name: Provide the host name of the system from where you want to uninstall the CA Service Management product or products.

Select any of the following products that you want to uninstall:

SDM - CA Service Desk Manager.

SLCM- CA Service Catalog.

ITAM - CA IT Asset Manager.

USS - Unified Self-Service.



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