Time Reporting periods input parameter values missing from reports - troubleshooting
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Time Reporting periods input parameter values missing from reports - troubleshooting


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The Jaspersoft Time Management Reports are missing time reporting periods in input fields. They may be missing the current year's time periods, future time periods or all periods. This can impact out-of-the-box (default) and custom reports).

The reports in Advanced Reporting are working and we can generate the reports.  However, on the Time Management reports, the 'Time Reporting Period' parameter is missing a list of timesheet periods e.g. "Time Period" input control in the Missing Time Report shows the message: "This field is mandatory so you must enter data" but no time period choices are available.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Execute 'Load Data Warehouse' (Load DWH) job with 'Full Load' option
  2. Navigate to Advanced Reporting, View List of Reports
  3. Select one of the Time Management Reports, such as 'Missing Time' or 'Time Compliance'
  4. Look for the Time Reporting Period parameter; it is a required input control parameter
Expected Result: To see a list of available open time reporting periods
Actual Result: The list of available periods is empty or missing periods; the user cannot select one or more values for this required parameter


Check Time Reporting Periods

  1. Check to make sure there are open timesheet periods in the system in Administration > Project Management > Time Reporting Periods.

  2. Check to make sure that the Time Reporting Period records have a 'last_updated_date' value that is recognized by the Load DWH job.  If not, this can be remedied by making a change to the periods through the application, then reverting back

Check Fiscal Time Periods

Make sure Fiscal Time Periods that cover the entire period are created and active. To check this, go to Administration > Finance > Setup > Entity > Fiscal Time Periods > Monthly periods. 

  1. If they don't exist, create them
  2. Next, ensure the fiscal time period created is activated by selecting and using action > activate

Check the DWH Fiscal Time slice configuration

The behavior could be attributed to incorrect Data Warehouse (DWH) fiscal slice configuration. See Time Reporting Periods missing from Missing Time report when DWH fiscal slice is incorrect for more details. 

In this example:

The From date is 4/1/2016 and the number of periods is 35 ( fiscal period type is monthly). The number of periods that are part of the fiscal Data Warehouse slices decides the number of periods to be inserted into DWH_CMN_PERIOD table, which in turn is what advanced reporting uses to load these fiscal time periods in reports. Three years back and forward for Fiscal slices is what the document recommends and is found as default (73)

Run Load DWH Job

If any changes were made based on the above prerequisites, then run the Load Data Warehouse job and the time periods should show the periods. If not, proceed to check the below as well. 

Ensure the Time Reporting Period Browse lookup is upgraded

NOTE: Check this if no time periods are shown at all. 

  1. Check for 'Upgrade Ready' status on the 'Portlet Timesheet Period Browse' Lookup found in Administration>>Content Add-Ins>>Accelerator: Program management Office
  2. Install this lookup

Reslice DWH Slices

Prior to doing this, it's recommended to ensure all other causes above have been ruled out. 

  1. Go to Administration > General Settings > System Options > Data Warehouse Options
  2. Unset the field: Entity for Fiscal Time Periods
  3. Click Save.
  4. Reset the field and click Save.
  5. Run the following jobs in the following order:
    1. Time Slicing job
    2. Update Report Tables job (all parameters selected)
    3. Load DWH job (full)
    4. Load DWH Access Rights job 

Additional Information

For additional prerequisites for the Missing Time report, see also: Missing Time on techdocs