Time Reporting Periods Input Parameter Values are missing from the Jaspersoft Time Management Reports


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There are open timesheet periods in the system in Administration > Project Management > Time Reporting Periods.

"This field is mandatory so you must enter data" but no time period choices are available.
The reports in Advanced Reporting are working and we can generate the reports.  However, on the Time Management reports, the 'Time Reporting Period' parameter is missing a list of timesheet periods e.g. "Time Period" input control in the Missing Time Report shows the message:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Execute 'Load Data Warehouse' (Load DWH) job with 'Full Load' option
  2. Navigate to Advanced Reporting, View List of Reports
  3. Select one of the Time Management Reports, such as 'Missing Time' or 'Time Compliance'
  4. Look for the Time Reporting Period parameter ; it is a required input control parameter
Expected Result: To see a list of available open time reporting periods
Actual Result: The list of available periods is empty; the user cannot select any value for this required parameter



A. The Time Reporting Period records may not have a 'last_updated_date' value that is recognized by the Load DWH job.  This can be remedied by making a change to the periods through the application, then reverting back

B. The Administration > Finance > Setup > Entity > Fiscal Time Periods > Monthly periods have not been created and/or active.

C. The Time Reporting Period Browse Lookup may not have been upgraded.  Check for 'Upgrade Ready' status on the 'Portlet Timesheet Period Browse' Lookup found in Administration>>Content Add-Ins>>Accelerator: Program management Office  and install this lookup along with other items ready for upgrade.

-Go to Administration > General Settings > System Options > Data Warehouse Options

1.Unset the field: Entity for Fiscal Time Periods
Click Save.
Reset the field and Click Save.

2. Run the following jobs in the following order:
a. Time Slicing job
b. Update Report Tables job (all parameters selected)
c. Load DWH job (full)
d. Load DWH Access Rights job