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How to import web user accounts


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CA eHealth




How to export web user accounts from one eHealth server and import them into another, creating the new user accounts on the target system..




1. From the source eHealth system run: nhExportWebAcct -dciOut <file name>


2. Open the resulting dci file in a text editor.

     a. Look at the WebAccts section. The first field is the objId of the web user. Note the objId of every web account to import into the target system.

     b. For each web account to import and create on the target system, add an entry for it in the Operations section.




add, WebAccts, 1,
add, WebAccts, 10,
add, WebAccts, 15,
add, WebAccts, 19,


*Each web account will need to be specified separately, per line with the 'add' operation. Add an entry for each account to create and import. Be sure to include the "DE" on the last line of the file to signify the end of the section. The above example will create and import 4 web accounts with the objIds of 1, 10, 15 and 19 into the target system.


3. On the target system, run the following to import the dci file: nhImportWebAcct -dciIn <file name>




For detailed information, refer to the CA eHealth Data Integration guide


Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements