What does the LATSIZE field do for the Endevor Security Interface?
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What does the LATSIZE field do for the Endevor Security Interface?


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What does the LATSIZE field in the BC1TNEQU table do for the Endevor Security Interface?



The definition of the LATSIZE parameter is as follows:

LATSIZE=n     Specifies the number of 4K pages used to store
                 access entries in the look aside table (LAT). There
                 are approximately 35 entries per 4K page.
                 Recommended number of pages is 2-10.
                 The default, LATSIZE =0 turns off the LAT.


LATSIZE determines the size of the Look Aside Table, which when in use, is used by the Endevor Security Interface (ESI) to store previous calls and results. When an ESI call is issued, the Look Aside table is search before any call is done to the security package used in-house.  This saves CPU time by avoiding to have to go through calls to RACTOUTE to the Security package and back.    

The recommendation is to set the LATSIZE to 5 but this can vary from site to site.

The LATSIZE field is set up in the ESIDFLTS section of the BC1TNEQU table:

 BC1TNEQU ESIDFLTS WARN=NO,                                            
                TITLE='BC1TNEQU SECURITY INTERFACE TABLE',               



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