Message U11D-8200-5 SSN=CAL7 DBID=0601 AREA=IXX AT 80% USED in Datacom/AD with CA 11
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Message U11D-8200-5 SSN=CAL7 DBID=0601 AREA=IXX AT 80% USED in Datacom/AD with CA 11


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When running Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers (commonly called CA 11) with Datacom/AD, receive message

U11D-8200-5 SSN=CAL7 DBID=0601 AREA=IXX AT 80% USED.

Where do I find his message documented, and how do I deal with it?


Release: All releases
Component:  Datacom/AD


The U11D-8200-5 message is found in the Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers 11.0 Database Address Space Messages

Here is the description:
SSN=ssss DBID=dddd AREA=aaa AT nnn% USED

Reason: The Space Monitor task has found a CA WA Restart Option database using a percentage over the warning percentage.
Action: Take action to ensure the database does not become full if Message U11D-8200-6 shows EXTENTS=15.

The sample message is U11D-8200-5 SSN=CAL7 DBID=0601 AREA=IXX AT 80% USED

This says that the index for your CA 11 database (DB 601, area IXX) has reached 80% full. This may not be a cause for concern, depending on the values in the next message, U11D-8200-6. If this shows that the number of EXTENTS for the file is sufficient, and if the U11D-8200-7 message then shows that there are enough tracks or cylinders free on the volume, the index file can dynamically extend if it becomes full.

The most common solution to this situation is to run a DBUTLTY function to compress the records in the index (the IXX) and free any empty blocks so they can be re-used. Typically, if you are running the CA 11 MANT process on a regular basis, you probably are deleting "stale" data from the database. These deletes often will leave partial or completely empty blocks in the index that need to be recovered and made available for use. We recommend that after the MANT process runs, you also run the DBUTLTY DEFRAG function to consolidate and remove much of the empty space. We have seen this process reduce the percent full amount significantly. This job will run with the database open and active, and should have virtually no noticeable effect on your users.

Please download the attached DBDEFRAG 601.txt file, make the changes indicated, and run this job. You will be able to compare the CXX Space reports from before and after the DEFRAG to see the change. If this DEFRAG function does not free any space, or not enough to meet your needs, please contact Broadcom Support for Datacom/AD and we can help you discuss your options further.

Additional Information

For more information about the DBUTLTY DEFRAG function, please see the Datacom/DB DBUTLTY Reference.
For more information about the CA 11 MANT process, please refer to Article ID: 55781 - Maintaining the Unicenter CA-11 Restart and Tracking Utility CMT and JEHF (originally written for r3.0, but applies to r11.0).
As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.


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