eHealth install unable to find NH_USER as ORA_DBA group member.
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eHealth install unable to find NH_USER as ORA_DBA group member.


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eHealth install unable to find NH_USER as ORA_DBA group member. The install fails reporting the error:


"ORA_DBA group must exist on the local system, and the eHealth user (Domain\UserName) must be a member of this group."



All eHealth releases and supported operating systems


Note: Problem is not dependent on a specific eHealth release,



The key to this problem being observed is when the target eHealth server for the install resides in one domain and the defined NH_USER that will own the installation resides in a different domain.


While success is observed adding the user to the servers user list, creating the ORA_DBA group, and adding the user to that group, the install still fails to find the NH_USER as a valid member of the ORA_DBA group.


When installing eHealth, the use of a domain user instead of a local system user account is permitted and supported. The caveat here is that the domain user must reside in the same domain that the server itself belongs to.


Using a user to represent the NH_USER, where the user resides in a different domain than the target eHealth server itself, is not a tested or supported eHealth installation configuration.


The matching behind the scenes command the install uses that can be used to test this in Windows where this is observed most commonly is:

net user NH_USER

For example if the user name is ehadmin the command to run would be:

net user ehadmin


The command response that indicates the problem is a cross domain server/user pair would be:

net user ehadmin

The request will be processed at a domain controller for domain <domainName>.

The user name could not be found.


An example of the correct output when that command is run, where the user is either local to the system, or is in the same domain as the server, would be:


C:\Users\Administrator>net user ehealth

User name ehealth

Full Name ehealth


User's comment

Country code 000 (System Default)

Account active Yes

Account expires Never


Password last set 11/17/2014 3:57:07 PM

Password expires Never

Password changeable 11/17/2014 3:57:07 PM

Password required Yes

User may change password No


Workstations allowed All

Logon script

User profile

Home directory

Last logon 10/29/2015 4:50:07 AM


Logon hours allowed All


Local Group Memberships *Administrators *ORA_DBA *Users

Global Group memberships *None

The command completed successfully.


The root cause of this error in this instance is not in the ORA_DBA group itself but in the domain users configuration where it resides in a different domain than the server.


To resolve this use an NH_USER that resides in the same domain as the eHealth server, or is a local user on the eHealth server.


To have the installation enhanced to allow for and support a configuration such as this, please submit an Idea posting to the eHealth Community forum site via the site.


Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements