CA Workload Automation AE Agent Types for r11.0 and r11.3 Agents
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CA Workload Automation AE Agent Types for r11.0 and r11.3 Agents


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What happens if I define an r11.3 agent using machine type ‘n’ or ‘r’ that is used to define an r11.0 agent?


You can define an r11.3 Windows agent using the machine type 'n' rather than the machine type 'a'. You will also be able insert the machine into the database. When you create a job and try to execute it on that machine, you will see the following behavior:

[From an AE scheduler on a Linux OS]

[10/16/2015 13:09:14] CAUAJM_I_40245 EVENT: CHANGE_STATUS STATUS: STARTING JOB: mach_type MACHINE: win-agent
[10/16/2015 13:09:14] CAUAJM_I_40120 Completed 1 job start(s) for online machine <win-agent>.
[10/16/2015 13:09:14] CAUAJM_E_10532 Unable to communicate with machine <win-agent> because the agent does not support data encryption.
[10/16/2015 13:09:14] CAUAJM_W_40290 Machine <win-agent> is in question. Placing machine in the unqualified state.
[10/16/2015 13:09:14] CAUAJM_E_40157 System Restart - Job [mach_type] was unable to start.
[10/16/2015 13:09:15] CAUAJM_I_40245 EVENT: ALARM ALARM: STARTJOBFAIL JOB: mach_type MACHINE: win-agent
[10/16/2015 13:09:15] <COMM_ERR_12 Agent on machine [win-agent] does not support data encryption.>

By default, the r11.3 agents have an attribute called encryption_type. This specifies the type of encryption used between the agent and the scheduler. This attribute does not apply to r11.0.

If you try to update the machine definition and change the machine type from 'n' to 'a', you'll get  the following message:

CAUAJM_I_50323 Inserting/Updating machine: win-agent
CAUAJM_E_19016 Updates to type is not allowed for machine 'win-agent'. Please delete this machine definition and re-define it again.
CAUAJM_E_10302 Database Change WAS NOT successful.

Additional Information:

Visit the CA Workload Automation Agents Wiki for more information about installing, configuring and administrating WA agents.



Release: ATSYHA99000-11.3.6-Workload Automation AE-High Availability Option