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How to trap CICS messages in Solve region for automation ?


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Messages from CICS are not broadcasted as WTO. They are logged into CICS log. Thus, they cannot be automated by automation product such as Solve.

How to trap them?



Solve like other automation products can trap messages from the subsystem to monitor as an event using the status monitor message or Eventview rule.

The problem is if the message does not go through the subsystem as WTO, then it cannot be seen by the subsystem interface in Solve (AOM).

For this purpose, any message from a third party application, like CICS, can be trapped using DDUSBSYS MVS facility.

The goal is to transform each CICS message into a WTO forwarded to a specific destination.

The messages to be sent to the log can be implemented through CICS SYSPRINT and can be achieved as in the following example:


The ssid is the Identifier of the SSI region set with DDSUBSYS=YES from SSIPARMS.
It is also possible to filter messages through WTO DD SUBSYS operands (i.e : Route Code, Descriptor code, Message prefix, Starting column number) or FILTER operand.


Additional Information:

The implementation of DDSUBSYS is described from CA Solve:Operations Automation - Solve Subsystem Interface Guide 11.9 - Chapter 4 : SSI DDSUBSYS Support


Release: SLOPEM00200-11.9-SOLVE:Operations-Automation