HCX RAV migrations fail with error: "InvalidArgument: A specified parameter was not correct"
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HCX RAV migrations fail with error: "InvalidArgument: A specified parameter was not correct"


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VMware HCX


Identify a known issue with RAV migrations as a result of mixed Data Store environments at source and target.

RAV migrations may have been running successfully.
Eventually start failing with error: "InvalidArgument: A specified parameter was not correct".
Those messages can be seen on the HCX UI, app.log, and vCenter tasks.
vMotion/Cold as well as VR Bulk should be working as expected.


RAV migrations into VMFS 6 Data Store (DS) will lock the Mobility Agent (MA) at source into a mode that it will not allow for any subsequent migrations into other DS types, like VMFS 5.
Verify mode is set to VMFS 6 in vCenter for the HCX Mobility Agent Host



The issue is resolved in service update R145.
Upgrade to that version or later is required.

IMPORTANT: Migrations from vCenter v5.5 as a source into a VMFS6 DataStore are NOT supported, regardless of the HCX version or the vCenter version on target.
vCenter 5.5 does NOT support VMFS6 DS type.

Once in a faulty stage, redeploy IX appliance on the Service Mesh to reset the MA.
In mixed environments, avoid RAV migrations into a VMFS 6 DS from any other DS type.
Alternatively, migrations from other types should be done into a VMFS 5 DS and then a local SvMotion into the VMFS 6 DS.
If the environment is only VMFS 6 at source and target there is no exposure to this issue.

Additional Information

RAV migrations will fail. No impact to VMs as the workflows will roll back after failure.
The issue may be triggered with forward (OnPrem to Cloud) and reverse (Cloud to OnPrem) migrations irrespectively, as long as the target DataStore is VMFS6.