HCX - VR Bulk or RAV migration not progressing during initial sync
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HCX - VR Bulk or RAV migration not progressing during initial sync


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VMware HCX


Identify a known issue with vSphere Replication and provide a workaround.

HCX vSphere Replication Bulk (VR Bulk) or Replication Assisted vMotion (RAV) migrations will not progress during initial sync. There is no indication of any error and the workflow will not fail after a long time.

App.log will show error as:
No connection to VR Server: Disk size mismatch


The issue with HCX replication workflows stalling is caused by a vSphere Replication validation error for a vmdk size mismatch. It is expected for HCX to abort the migration workflow and highlight the error to the user.


A serviceability enhancement in HCX, to identify the condition and fail the initial validation for the migration workflow, has been implemented in service update R145. Upgrade to that version or later is required.
The user is still expected to correct the vmdk size issue.
Refer to instructions in the workaround section.

Abort the stalled migration and follow the recommendation in KB 2061047 prior to attempting the migration again.

Additional Information

VR Bulk and RAV migrations will not complete when the VM has a vmdk with a size that triggers the validation error.