HCX - OSAM Fixup failure: "VMware Tools Installation Failed"
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HCX - OSAM Fixup failure: "VMware Tools Installation Failed"


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VMware HCX


Identify a known issue when migrating Windows Server 2008 SP2 with HCX OSAM

HCX Operating System Assisted Migration (OSAM) may failed in fixup stage 1 with the following error message:
Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 6.45.04 PM.png
Error messages in the log will show a failure to install VMware Tools:
2022-01-20T16:16:55.756-0500 INFO VMware tools is not installed on the system
2022-01-20T16:16:55.756-0500 WARN Tools installer not found under path: C:\temp\fixup. Trying to get installer from CD-ROM...
2022-01-20T16:16:55.812-0500 INFO VMware Tools setup CD path: D:\setup.exe
2022-01-20T16:16:56.531-0500 INFO Copied tools installer to fixup directory successfully
2022-01-20T16:16:56.542-0500 INFO VMware tools is not installed on the system
2022-01-20T16:16:56.542-0500 INFO Executing VMware tools installer ...
2022-01-20T16:17:01.148-0500 INFO ToolsInstaller process started
2022-01-20T16:17:01.272-0500 INFO VMware tools setup exited with code: 15613
2022-01-20T16:17:01.272-0500 ERROR Failed to run VMware tools installer. Error: exit status 15613


HCX workflow is unable to install VMware Tools on Windows Server 2008 SP2, which is required for OSAM.
Latter versions of VMware Tools do not support that legacy Windows version.


Follow KB 75163 to install a supported version of VMware Tools on the Windows VM prior to migration.


Additional Information

Migration will fail.