Enable WA Agent service to start automatically after the server reboot
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Enable WA Agent service to start automatically after the server reboot


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How to enable the application services to start automatically after the host server reboot?

On a few Linux servers, the CA WA System agent does not seem to start after the reboot.



Component: CA Workload Automation System Agent installed on Linux hosts


The CA WA System Agent installer does prompt if the agent service needs to be enabled for startup along with the server after the reboot.

It is most likely the option was ignored, if the agent service does not start or the command "chkconfg --list" does not list the agent service on required run levels.


The following procedure will help to enable the Agent service at server startup on Linux operating systems -

  1. Log on to the server as user "root"
  2. Navigate to the installation directory of the agent you want to add to the OS bootstrap
  3. Look for the startup script, "CA-WA-agent-XXXXX.init" script (with XXXXX being the name of your agent)
  4. The file name could be "CA-WA-agent-XXXXX" in some specific installations
  5. Copy it to the  /etc/init.d directory
  6. Change the ownership (to ‘root’) and add execute permissions: chmod 755 CA-WA-agent-XXXXX.init
  7. The file can be renamed to anything which reflects the application service name. If you choose to rename, then use the new name in the commands below.
  8. Run the command to add service to the startup: chkconfig --add CA-WA-agent-XXXXX.init
  9. Execute the command to enable it "chkconfig CA-WA-agent-XXXXX.init on"
  10. Notice the agent service is added and turned on at os default run levels: "chkconfig --list"
  11. Reboot the service to confirm the agent service startup 


Additional Information

Contact your system administrator with the startup script file provided in the agent install location. The administrator with appropriate root access should be able to configure it according to the infrastructure standard procedures.