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Agent Doesn't Start When Server is Rebooted


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We have a scheduler, application server, a WA AGENT and additional agent installed on one server. When we reboot the server, all services start up automatically accept for the additional agent.

Why doesn’t the additional agent start up automatically after rebooting our sever? 



Component: System Agent


More than likely, the startup script for that agent is not within the OS bootstrap. It will need to be added in order for the agent to start automatically after your server has been rebooted.

Procedure to Add Startup Script to the OS Bootstrap

  1. Navigate to the installation directory of the agent you want to add to the OS bootstrap
  2. Look for the cybagent-XXXXX.init script (with XXXXX being the name of your agent)
  3. If it is not executable, change the permissions on the script (as user ‘root’) using this command: chmod 755 cybagent-XXXXX.init
  1. Copy the cybagent-XXXXX.init script to the /etc/init.d directory (or /etc/rc.d/init.d directory)
  2. Run this command: chkconfig --add cybagent-XXXXX.init



  1. Reboot the server so that the cybagent-XXXXX.init script registers with the OS bootstrap