Improving search results
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Improving search results


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VMware vCenter Server


This article provides tips on how to tailor your searches to find more targeted results​.


Search Behaviors

If you have a question or are experiencing issues with one of our products
  • Include the product name, version and action you are trying to perform in your search query. ​​ 
  • Determine the most important elements of any keyword phrase via ‘stemming’. This means working out which words in the phrase are more unique and should be given more prominence. 
 If you get an error message when using our products:
  • Include the exact error message in your search query to get results specific to how to resolve/address the error message
If you’re not getting the required results: 
  • Use descriptive words.
  • Try to re-phrase your search query differently. ​ 

Search Tools:

To search for something specific and exact:​  To search using the advanced operators:
  • Fill in blanks, where you don’t know which keywords to use, with an asterisk * as a ‘wildcard’. 
  • Example: If the ESXi element is unknown to you, replace the unknown word(s) with * 
    • Managing esxi host with vsphere client
    • Managing * host with vsphere client​
  • More information on wildcards
  • Show results for queries in preferred combinations of words, with Boolean Operators such as AND, OR, NOT. 
    • Example: Searching ‘Keyword 1 AND Keyword 2’ means that both keywords must be present in the results. 
    • Example ‘Keyword 1 OR Keyword 2’ means that either one of the keywords must be present on the results, but not necessarily both. 
    • Example: ‘Keyword 1 NOT Keyword 2’ will exclude keyword 2 from the results, and only show results with keyword 1 in it. 
    • More information on Boolean Operators