Email alerts for alarms are not delivered on vCenter Server Appliance 6.5
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Email alerts for alarms are not delivered on vCenter Server Appliance 6.5


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VMware vCenter Server


This article provides steps to replace the script that has compatibility issues with vCenter Server Appliance 6.5.

  • Configuring Mail Server in the web client completes without error.
  • In the /var/log/vmware/vmware-vpx/vpxd.log file, there are entries similar to:

    Cannot set SMTP relay server:Error code configuring sendmail: 2

  • Running the mailq command on the vCenter Server Appliance displays pending emails.


This issue occurs due to compatibility issues with the in vCenter Server Appliance 6.5.


This issue is resolved in VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 b, available at VMware Downloads.

Note: By design from vSphere 6.0 , vCenter Server prefers DNS record before it uses its internal mail server entry.

To work around this issue, replace the file on the vCenter Server Appliance.
  1. Download the file attached to this Knowledge Base article.
  2. Extract the file from the 2148396_config_sendmail.zipfile and transfer it to the /tmp/ folder of vCenter Server Appliance using WinSCP/SCP.
  3. Log in to vCenter Server Appliance console or connect with SSH as root.
  4. Type shell and press Enter.
  5. Backup the /usr/lib/vmware-vpx/ file with this command:

    mv /usr/lib/vmware-vpx/ /usr/lib/vmware-vpx/

  6. Move the script to /usr/lib/vmware-vpx folder with this command.

    mv /tmp/ /usr/lib/vmware-vpx/

  7. Run this command to make the file executable:

    chmod a+x /usr/lib/vmware-vpx/

  8. Configure the Mail Sender settings. For more information, see the Configure Mail Sender Settings section of the vCenter Server and Host Management guide.

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