NFA cannot display data in graphs
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NFA cannot display data in graphs


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


Graphs for Interfaces are blank.  The graphs in the Enterprise Overview appears to be OK.  Custom Reporting produces blank graphs like Interfaces.  Flow Forensics reports appear to be OK.

In the RealtimeReaperError*.Log file, you can find several errors like :

02:03:18 Severity 1 - RPA15: Out of memory with error: 12 while trying to preallocate -1288490096 bytes for file in path: D:\CA\NFA\netflow\datafiles\ReaperArchive15\#########\00001\1440460800\



NFA 10.x



Look for empty locked *.rpr , *.cmp files  in the Netflow\datafiles\reaperwork folder with timestamps older than the current day. These files can get orphaned and left behind if the Harvester machine runs out of virtual memory or if the files are locked by a third-party process such as an AV scan or backup. 


Delete or move these old files older than the last 15 minutes out of the ReaperWork and any .BAD files in the ReaperInput folders, free up disk space if it is running low, and restart the the mysql services.