Restoring UI from the VAMI or Native UI fails on VCSA 6.5
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Restoring UI from the VAMI or Native UI fails on VCSA 6.5


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Restoring UI from the VAMI or Native UI fails with error similar to:
2017-02-16T15:39:54.020Z - info: LogLevel: debug
2017-02-16T15:39:54.224Z - info: Underlying platform for the OS is: win32
2017-02-16T15:39:54.224Z - info: Number of cpus is: 4
2017-02-16T15:39:54.224Z - info: Speed of cpus is: 2394
2017-02-16T15:39:54.227Z - info: RAM is: 8 GB
2017-02-16T15:39:54.231Z - debug: wizardTitle: {WORKFLOW_NAME} - Stage 1: Deploy appliance
2017-02-16T15:40:00.636Z - debug: wizardTitle: Restore - Stage 1: Deploy appliance
2017-02-16T15:40:00.641Z - info: Feature switch VUMUpgradeEnabled: true
2017-02-16T15:40:05.005Z - debug: eulaTxtUrl: eula_en.html
2017-02-16T15:40:20.726Z - debug:
2017-02-16T15:40:38.937Z - debug: Client :: ready
2017-02-16T15:40:39.106Z - error: Folder path is not correct.
Actual error message returned from connection attempt:


Both double slash and single slash are valid pathing tools. This issue occurs when double slash goes to the absolute root while single slash remain as a folder of the server root. Depending on where they store the backup, either one could be part of a valid absolute path.


To resolve this issue, add double slash (//) when pointing to the restore location.
For example:


  • Specify the absolute path starting from the home directory for your selected protocol, which is not the same as the filesystem root.
  • For SCP, FTP and FTPS protocols, start the path from the user home directory.
  • For HTTP and HTTPS protocols, start the path from the web server home directory.
For more information, see the Stage 1 - Deploy a New Appliance section in the VMware vSphere 6.5 Installation and Setup Guide