End of Life for the Admin Assistant CLI Config Log In Subcommands
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End of Life for the Admin Assistant CLI Config Log In Subcommands


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In an upcoming release of Admin Assistant for macOS, VMware is announcing End of Life for Admin Assistant CLI’s config login flow that allows users to enter API key, password and username in plain text.  

Old flow: 

/usr/local/bin/adminassistantcli config –-signin –-username “username1” --password “password1” --api-key “apikey1” --group-id “groupid1” --hostname “hostname1” 


New Flow:  

/usr/local/bin/adminassistantcli config –-signin –-groupID “groupID1” --hostname “hostname1” 

This new flow will prompt a secure interactive terminal that will ask for username, password, and API key information without echoing credentials to the terminal and without saving credentials in logs. 

NOTE:  Older versions of Admin Assistant will still allow for the old config signin process, but these versions will not be supported for new feature releases and issues related to the old config flow will require an upgrade to the latest Admin Assistant version with new flow. 

Customer Impact 

Customers will have a new secure login process that conceals sensitive credentials and that does not save credentials in logs.  Consequently, ​​​​​customers who have been using the old config flow listed above in scripts or any automated process, will need re-structure their automation to adhere to the updated login process.

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