Moving virtual machines with Storage vMotion
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Moving virtual machines with Storage vMotion


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This article provides steps to use Storage vMotion (SvMotion) to move virtual machines from one LUN to another LUN when you are using VirtualCenter 2.5 and ESX 3.5.


To move virtual machines using SvMotion:
  1. Install the VMware vSphere CLI. You can download the Remote CLI from the Drivers and Tools tab in vSphere Download Center. Click Automation Tools and SDKs and choose VMware vSphere CLI.
  2. If you are using Remote CLI on Windows, open a command prompt and browse to the bin directory inside C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware VI Remote CLI\.

    Note: The Remote CLI can also be installed on a Linux system. For more information, see Remote Command-Line Interface Installation and Reference Guide.

  3. Execute the command: --interactive

    Note: For information on running SvMotion in non-interactive mode, see the Basic System Administration Guide.

  4. Enter the information necessary to complete the storage migration.

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