Database Analyzer job Abends with S0C3 in RALABLD
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Database Analyzer job Abends with S0C3 in RALABLD


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Database Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


Trying to generate Action JCL from Database Analyzer for Db2 for z/OS (PDA) and encountering


This could be caused by PDA trying to generate too many PDS members to contain the generated jobs.
It may be that you have Job Generation Parms set up to create a new member for each object processed
and you are processing many tablespaces/partitions.
The generation of unique job names is not necessarily the same as the PDS member names as there
are different parms controlling these.

The unique job names is not a problem. This is controlled by JGP settings e.g. :
- Jobname Mask ........... ==> JM
- Sequencing type ........ ==> NUMERIC
- Sequencing digits ...... ==> 5
- Sequencing start value . ==> 00001

Details above enable PDA to generate 99999 unique jobnames within the members created.

The member names are controlled by the SUBMIT panel for the Extract Procedure (online help is available) :

Action JCL Destination. ==> D ....... Member ==> mmmmmmm
Action JCL Library .... ==> ''

PDA parmlib parameter DEFAULT_MEMBER will also influence this and has description details in the parmlib.

Currently there is a limit of 9999 members created. But you can create members with multiple jobs
and jobs with multiple job steps so this should not really present a problem.


Options available to resolve this are :
- Change JGP to allow more steps per job.
- Change JGP to switch off the one member per job flag.
- Reduce the number of objects selected in the extract ( split to two or more extract procedures maybe)
- Remove the partition level processing and work at a tablespace level ( add Action condition :
   "S (TS) RTS Once per tablespace (part 0/n)"  to achieve this or switch current Action conditions to (TSP) versions)