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Measurement Source to pull hourly allocations into Ad Hoc report?


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I am creating an Ad Hoc view that pulls in resources and investments with their hourly allocations similar to the weekly detail portlet, however I can not seem to pull in individual resource allocations. What is the correct measurement source to bring in hourly allocations into an Ad Hoc report in Clarity?


Release: All Supported
Component: Jaspersoft


The measurements that allocation hours are found under are Weekly Periods, Calendar Periods, and / or Fiscal Periods.

Below are the steps on how to pull in these measurements.

  1. In Advanced Reporting, select Create then Ad Hoc View
  2. Click Domains
  3. Drill down in CA PPM->Domains->Investment Management and click 'Choose Data'
  4. Select your desired fields for the report, being sure to include the period types you want to use in allocations: Weekly Periods, Calendar Periods, and / or Fiscal Periods (For this example: Weekly Periods)
  5. Click the desired report type. (For this example: Table)
  6. Under the "Measures" section on the bottom left hand side of the page, drill down into the following: Investments->Weekly Periods->Team->Hours
  7. Drag and drop the desired allocation hour types (Such as Team Allocation Hours) over to the New Ad Hoc window


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