Using secure FTP?
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Using secure FTP?


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)



Does CA Chorus Software Manager Version 6.0 support the use of some type of secure FTP rather than a non-secure FTP?  Our security department will soon be configuring our firewalls so that we will no longer be able to use FTP to access any servers outside of our corporate network.  I know CSM uses FTP as the download method so this will affect our use of the product.


CA Chorus Software Manager Version 6.0 offers two methods for downloading maintenance:

      ·        Non-secure FTP
·        HTTPS 

Although secure FTP is supported for deployment, it is not supported for downloading maintenance.  In order to download maintenance securely, change the settings to HTTPS for downloads.

Additional Information:

Refer to the following CA Chorus Software Manager Version 6.0 documentation for more details on using HTTPS for downloading maintenance:


Component: MSM