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New informational/warning/error messages GSVC065I, GSVC065W and GSVC065E in CICS.


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The 14.0 release of SYSVIEW introduced a new parameter in the CICSOPTS Parmlib member.

The option MONITOR-DISPATCH-PRIORITY will advise you as to the dispatching priority that is set for the address space that executes the CICS Logger.  The messages can be seen in the GSVCLOG DD of the CICS region.


The CICSOPTS parmlib member contains the following options: 



Default : Yes 


Change : This option can be modified after initialization via the CCONFIG or CICSSET commands. 

During initialization, each CICS connects to a specific CICS logger task running in a SYSVIEW Main Services address space or SYSVIEW Auxiliary Services address space. 

The CICS logger is responsible for the logging of all historical data for the CICS region. 

The address space that executes the CICS logger must execute with a dispatching priority that is higher than the CICS that is connecting to it. Multiple CICS regions can connect to a single CICS logger.

If the CICS region's dispatching priority is higher than that of the CICS logger address space, it will be possible for the CICS regions to overload the CICS logger address space. 
If the CICS logger is overloaded, data can be lost or discarded. To verify lost or discarded records issue the SYSVIEW command CICSLOGR and check the column Discard which represents the number of records that have been discarded.


Component: SYSVW