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CA Roscoe OFFON ROSCOE1/* Batch Signon failed for invalid password.


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OFFON ROSCOE1/*  Batch Sign on failed for invalid password.  Is there any way to tell where the password came from?



This command means log me off and sign me back on using signon key ROSCOE1 reusing the password of the user currently signed on. 

The syntax is:

Function: Terminates CA-ROSCOE session and displays CA-ROSCOE signon screen.


    Syntax:   OFFON <key</pass</code>>>



                          With no operand, terminates the user's session and displays the CA ROSCOE signon screen.


              key      User's signon key or asterisk (*).  If * is specified, the signon key of the user currently signed on reused.  If either the signon key or * are specified,

                          both the VTAM screen and the CA ROSCOE signon screen are bypassed.


              pass     User's password or asterisk (*).  If * is specified, the password of the user currently signed on is reused.


              code    User's group code or asterisk (*).  If * is specified,  the group code of  the user currently signed on is reused.


Additional Information:

You can get more information about the OFFON command by typing HELP OFFON on the Roscoe command line. 
This command is documented in the Command Reference Guide in section 1.126 OFFON.  You may need to log on to view this Guide.



Component: ROSCOE