HTTP Error 503: Service not available while accessing Product UI in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x
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HTTP Error 503: Service not available while accessing Product UI in vRealize Operations Manager 6.x


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  • Accessing Product UI in vRealize Operations Manager fails with the error:

    vRealize Operations Manager is not available. You will be redirected when the service is available.
    Log into the Admin UI to configure, check, or repair the cluster.
  • You can access Product UI from another node in the cluster.
  • In the /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/tomcat-web-app/logs/catalina.yy-mm-dd.log file, you see entries similar to:

    org.apache.coyote.AbstractProtocol init
    SEVERE: Failed to initialize end point associated with ProtocolHandler ["http-bio-8443"] Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect
    Note: The preceding log excerpts are only examples. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on your environment.


This issue occcurs when:
  • The directory tomcat-web-app is missing.
  • The symbolic link for vcops-web-ent file is not pointing to /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/tomcat-web-app/webapps/ui.
  • The keystore and truststore are tampered with or there is a mismatch in with configured values in


To resolve this issue, replace the tomcat-web-app directory.

  1. VMware recommends to take a snapshot of all vRealize Operations nodes in the cluster before performing these steps
  2. If the steps are not performed correctly, you may encounter an unsupported configuration.

To replace the tomcat-web-app directory:

  1. Create a copy of a tomcat-web-app directory from any of the working Master or Data nodes:

    For example:

    cd /usr/lib/vmware-vcops
    tar czpf tcwebapp.tgz tomcat-web-app

    Note: The p flag preserves file permissions.

  2. Copy the zipped file to the node having the issue (Master or Data) and run these commands:

    : Assuming tcwebapp.tgz is copied to /tmp

    cd /usr/lib/vmware-vcops
    rm -rf tomcat-web-app
    tar xzpf /tmp/tcwebapp.tgz
    rm -rf tomcat-web-app/work/*
    rm -rf tomcat-web-app/temp/*

  3. Modify the /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/tomcat-web-app/conf/catalina.propertiesif the login page appears then you can access the Product UI.

If your issue persists after trying the steps in this article, then file a support request with VMware Support and note this KB Article ID (2145180) in the problem description. For more information, see Filing a Support Request in Customer Connect (2006985).

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HTTP 错误 503:在 vRealize Operations Manager 6.x 中访问产品 UI 时服务不可用