Command to see password status
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Command to see password status


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VM:Secure for z/VM


Is there a command that allows me to see a user’s password status?






Yes, the ULIST command can display a user’s Password Status (PwStat) among other values.

Below shows a user ID that just had their password set and will need to reset the password when they log on.

Entry     Manager   Group      PwStat   PwAge  Disks  Alloc  SFS-Pools  Usage
AAAAAAA   BBBBBBBB  BOBGROUP   Reset       *   3       6.3M

For instance from a user that can manage everyone: VMSECURE ULIST userid *

(the 2nd parameter ‘*’ being the manager of the user id you are wanting to look at. If you know the manager id you could specify it instead of using the *.)

ULIST is very useful. You can REVIEW an entry there, do a MDSKSCAN, go to USER screens and other options.

Additional Information

For more information, ULIST is documented in the VM:Secure Reference guide found at: