Where to find ADMX templates
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Where to find ADMX templates


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This article provides information about where to find ADMX templates


You are looking to use ADMX templates which could be used to control the usage of the Horizon Agent, HTML access, etc. The knowledge database has several references to existing templates. However, no download link is provided.


GPO template bundles are part of the download for VMware Horizon, Horizon Cloud etc. The download section in general can be found here. To access the relevant download, simply click on "Download Product" for either VMware Horizon or Horizon Cloud Services, then choose a component (e.g. VMware Horizon Cloud with Hosted Infrastructure) and click "Go to Downloads".


You will find the downloadable GPO Bundle on the next page:


To convert the GPO files to the ADMX format, use the Microsoft ADMX migrator.

You can download the ADMX migrator from the Microsoft Download Center.