After upgrade, an IDMS-DC program writes JCL to INTRDR and the job is Purged.
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After upgrade, an IDMS-DC program writes JCL to INTRDR and the job is Purged.


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An IDMS DC program that issues WRITE PRINTER (COBOL) or #PRINT (Assembler) to submit JCL to INTRDR via a SYSOUT LINE works fine in the prior release, but after upgrading the JCL does not get submitted.  

$HASP119 jobname DELETED - /*DEL OR /*PURGE JECL, RC=4 




IDMS - All Supported Releases


This error will most often occur when a client had OPT00052 on in prior release and did not turn on this optional feature during or after the upgrade. 


Without OPT00052 if a DC program writes JCL to a SYSOUT Line for submission via INTRDR (the Internal Reader), the IDMS CV attempts to insert the USERID of the User who is signed-on to CV and executing the program into the USER= parameter on the JOB card. 

This problem is not limited to DC programs writing to the internal reader. It can also occur with OLQBatch when the JCL is submitted from OLQ online; as well as from any other source that write to the Internal Reader.

If it does not fit or if there is no USER= parm you get this result.  The JCL is Purged. A problem can also occur if the system proceeds to insert the USERID and in doing so overlays a line of the JCL that was to be written to the reader.

OPT00052 bypasses this "user extraction facility" and causes the JCL to be sent as is.

Turn on OPT00052 and all other needed optional features by assembling RHDCOPTF

Additional Information

See RHDCOPTF  Option Flags Table