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When adding a custom field to the Mobile Attributes and attempting to create a ticket, an error is logged on the server and the field cannot be populated.


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Service Desk Manager 12.9 (with Cumulative 1) and 14.1 introduces the ability to include additional fields through the Service Management mobile interface with the "Mobile Attributes" feature. In addition to including standard fields you may also wish to include custom fields. After the field is added to the Mobile Attributes a user may attempt to create a ticket and populate that field. The field will not appear to function correctly (for example, you will not be able to search and filter for items on the field) and the information will not be populated to the ticket.

Within the ServiceDesk standard logs an error like this may be seen:

AHD12008: Attribute active referenced by Majic SQL query not found in objects(s) *table*

(*table* will be replaced with the name of the custom table)


    If you wish to include a custom field within the Mobile Attributes, the database table that the column references must include an "active" column. If no "active" column is included the system will be unable to query the contents of the table. 


1. Log into Web Screen Painter and launch the "Schema Designer"

2. Find the custom table that provides the error mentioned above. Right click on the table and select "Create Column"

3. Populate the column similar to the example in this screenshot:


<Please see attached file for image>


4. Save the change and complete the "pdm_publish" steps to create the new field.

5. Once the column is created the contents of the table will need to be updated to mark each item as "active" that you wish to allow a user to be able to use through the Mobile interface. You can do this through a pdm_load update or through any other means you may use to update this data within your environment.

Additional Information:  

         For more information on how to configure Mobile Attributes please review this Wiki page:

         For more information on the pdm_publish process please review this Wiki page:


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License


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