VMware Subscription Software through VMware’s OEM route-to-market
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VMware Subscription Software through VMware’s OEM route-to-market


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  • This Knowledge Base (KB) article provides an overview of the behavior of certain VMware Subscription Software delivered through VMware’s OEM route.  
  • For Subscription Software, some VMware OEM partners (OEMs) will provide a certificate to the End User detailing the terms and behavior of the Subscription Software.  
  • This KB article details the Subscription Software behavior for the OEM SKUs that are listed in the OEM’s certificate.    


For VMware Subscription Software, the start date of the term of the Subscription Software license is based on the ship date of the Subscription Software.

For Subscription Software licenses transacted via VMware‘s OEM partners, the ship date depends on the OEM reports provided to VMware. 

Some of VMware’s OEM partners report the exact ship date while others report the month it was shipped. 

The End User’s account in VMware’s “Customer Connect” (previously referred to as “My VMware” account) will reflect the OEM reported transaction date, once reporting has been processed. 

For OEMs that report the exact ship date, the exact ship date will be reflected in the “Customer Connect”.  For OEMs that report the month in which the Subscription License was shipped, the start date will be the 15th of the same month.
Once report processing is complete, the date displayed in the End User’s account in VMware “Customer Connect” reflects the term of the Subscription Software license.  Any expiration notification coming from the VMware Subscription Software product console or VMware admin tools may be inaccurate.  End Users should refer to VMware’s “Customer Connect” for the accurate term dates.
The end-user will be required to re-purchase the subscription software at the end of the Software Product Subscription Period if the End User desires to continue using the Subscription Software.

Additional Information

The applicable VMware End User License Agreement for the subscription software is located at http://www.vmware.com/download/eula/