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How to Use the CA Deliver RMOPARMS to Define how a Report is to Process and to Where it is Sent?


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In CA Deliver, how a report is taken in (pre- or post-spool processing) and to where it is sent is determined by the RMOPARMS.


 - To pre-spool process a report, use RMOPARMS:

   - JOBCLSL - Job execution class
   - SYSCLSL - Sysout class

 - To post-spool process a report, use RMOPARMS:

   - NETCLSL - Sysout class
   - NETDEST - Sysout destination
   - NETFORM - Sysout form

 - To determine where a report is sent, use RMOPARMS:

   - ARCHnn=DIRECT[/.....database name...] 
     - The report is written directly to a View database

   - ARCHnn=c/dddddddd/ffffffff/m/pppppppp
     - where:              c - class
                  dddddddd - destination
                        ffffffff - forms
                              m - media (D (Disk) or T (Tape))
                  pppppppp - print mode (PRMODE)

Additional Information:

Please consult the CA Deliver Reference Guide, under the section "Initialization Parameters", for further information on these and other parameters.


Release: OUTDTI00200-12.2-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO