Smarts IP/Smarts SAM: How do I create a new user login?
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Smarts IP/Smarts SAM: How do I create a new user login?


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VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


How do I create a new user login for Smarts IP Manager (Smarts IP)?
How do I create a new user login for Smarts Service Assurance Manager (Smarts SAM)?

To create new user login accounts for Smarts, do the following:
  1. Navigate to the following location on the Smarts server:

    <BASEDIR>/<IP or SAM>/smarts/bin

  2. Open the serverConnect.conf configuration file for editing using sm_edit:

    sm_edit conf/serverConnect.conf

    IMPORTANT! You must use sm_edit to modify this file. All other text editors will fail and cause all your users and passwords to become unusable. This will lead to users not being able to log in, and systems that subscribe to the domains to not be able to fetch or deliver the needed data.

  3. Find the section of the serverConnect.conf file that reads as follows:

    ##################### User Access #####################

  4. In the User Access section, find the following entry

    *:admin:<E-1.0>-alpha numberic sequence-:All

  5. Using the "admin" entry in the preceding step as an example, create a new user entry according to the following specifications:
    1. The first part of the entry is the Domain which the user has permission to access. If it is all domains, this entry should be the asterisk ( * ) symbol, as in the admin example in the preceding step.
    2. Close the domain entry out with a colon (:).
    3. Enter the new user name, such as the admin user in the example given above.
    4. Close this out with another colon (:).
    5. Enter a password. This password will be plain text and will only encrypt once the serverConnect.conf file is saved and closed.
    6. Close the password section out with the final colon (:).
    7. Set the permission level of this entry. The levels include: All, Monitor, Ping, and None.

  6. Save and close the serverConnect.conf file.

You have now created a new user log in for Smarts IP and SAM. You can now use the new user to log into Smarts IP, but there are additional requirements for Smarts SAM as described in the following section.

Additional steps for Smarts SAM user login accounts
The following additional steps are required for a new Smarts SAM user log in:

  1. Log into your Smarts SAM console using your administrative username and password (not the new user you just created).
  2. In the Notification Log Console click the Configure menu item and select Global Manager Admnistration Console.
  3. Right-click Users and select New User, or click the User Wizard icon in the tool bar.
  4. Enter the new user name you just created in the serverConnect.conf file and click Next.
  5. Associate the user name with the appropriate profile for what you want the users to be able to do.
  6. Click Finish to complete the procedure.  There is no need to reconfigure

The new user should now be able to log into the Smarts SAM interface properly and have all the appropriate permissions.

Additional Information

User names are case sensitive. "Admin" and "admin" are two different users in Smarts.
Creating and changing user names and permissions DO NOT require a server restart nor a reconfigure.