How do I change the default interval in between repository saves in SMARTS?
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How do I change the default interval in between repository saves in SMARTS?


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VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


How do I change the default interval in between repository saves in SMARTS?

By default, the rps file of IP domain gets saved every 6 hours and SAM domain gets saved every hour.  This can be changed using the dmctl utility.  The below commands should be run from BASEDIR/smarts/bin:

The command to check the current setting is:
     ./dmctl -s <domain_name> get ICF_PersistenceManager::ICF-PersistenceManager::checkpointPeriod
This command will return the default value in seconds: 21600 (6 hours) for IP domain & 3600 for SAM domain.

The command to change the settiing is:
     ./dmctl -s <domain_name> put ICF_PersistenceManager::ICF-PersistenceManager::checkpointPeriod XXXXX
XXXXX = The amount of time in seconds that you would like to change the repository save time to.

For example, if you wanted to change the setting to 3 hours, you would run the following command:
     ./dmctl -s <domain_name> put ICF_PersistenceManager::ICF-PersistenceManager::checkpointPeriod 10800

Additional Information

The autosave feature is designed to only save when there is no active discovery.

In case you want to define manual save of repository instead of the default setting save, set Autosave option to False. By default, Its True.

[root@linvm bin]# ./dmctl -s TEST-AM-PM get ICF_PersistenceManager::ICF-PersistenceManager | tee

Properties of ICF_PersistenceManager::ICF-PersistenceManager:
                   CreationClassName = ICF_PersistenceManager
                   IsInitialTopology = FALSE
                                Name = ICF-PersistenceManager
                         ServiceName =
                            autoSave = TRUE
                checkpointInProgress = FALSE
                    checkpointPeriod = 21600
                              config = icf
            durationOfLastCheckpoint = 0 00:00:00
               durationOfLastRestore = 0 00:00:00
                 lastCheckpointError =
            lastCheckpointFinishedAt = August 19, 2014 12:46:48 PM GMT+05:30
    lastCheckpointFinishedAt_seconds = 1408432608
               lastRestoreFinishedAt = August 19, 2014 12:42:06 PM GMT+05:30
       lastRestoreFinishedAt_seconds = 1408432326
                   persistentClasses = { SM_ElementManager, ICIP_PersistenceManager, NasManager, DSCV_PersistentDataSet, AD_PersistentOrderedDataSet, ICIM_ManagedElement, ICF_PolicyManager, GA_SubscriberProfile, DX_DM, AD_Filter, AD_SystemData, AD_PersistentUniqueIDGenerator, Recipient, Upgrade_Info, AD_Pending, AD_Base, AD_PersistentDataSet, ICF_TopologyManager, ICF_Criteria, ICF_CoreSetting, ICF_CoreConfiguration, ICIM_Collection, IP_External }
                   restoreInProgress = FALSE
                            saveFile = /installs/IP/IP922/IP/smarts/local/repos/icf/TEST-AM-PM.rps
                        timerClosure = <unknown>