Smarts IP Suite: How to dynamically update the ipExcludeList
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Smarts IP Suite: How to dynamically update the ipExcludeList


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VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


How to dynamically update the ipExcludeList in Smarts IP Suite

There are two methods you can use to dynamically update the ipExcludeList. The first is through the Smarts environment command line, and the second is through ASL. The following sections describe each of these methods.

Method 1 - Dynamically updating the ipExcludeList using command line "get" and "put" commands
To check current ipExcludeList values, use the following get command:

<BASEDIR>/smarts/bin/dmctl -s <domain name> get ICF_TopologyManager::ICF-TopologyManager::ipExcludeList

To modify the list, use the following put command:

<BASEDIR>/smarts/bin/dmctl -s <domain name> put ICF_TopologyManager::ICF-TopologyManager::ipExcludeList "ip range" "ip range"

After you have run the above put command, run the get command again to verify the list.

Example ("put" command) 

dmctl -s INCHARGE-AM put ICF_TopologyManager::ICF-TopologyManager::ipExcludeList "10.1.200.<10-30>" ""

Requirement: When modifying the ipExcludeList using this put command, you must include the entire list of IP ranges, including those already in the list. For instance, if you already have three entries in your ipExcludeList, you must enter those three entries in addition to any new entries.

Method 2 - Dynamically updating the ipExcludeList using ASL (addIPExcludeList.asl)
To use ASL to dynamically update the ipExcludeList, do the following:

  1. Enter the following lines in an addIPExcludeList.asl file, and save the file:

    START {
            .. eol }
    do {
            tpmgr = object("ICF_TopologyManager","ICF-TopologyManager");
            //add to current list
            tpmgr->ipExcludeList += "";
            print("current ipExcludeList:". tpmgr->ipExcludeList);

  2. Run the ASL script as follows:

    <BASEDIR>/smarts/bin/sm_adapter -s <domain name> <path to asl file>