Smarts IP 9.2: How do I run the OIDINFO tool?
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Smarts IP 9.2: How do I run the OIDINFO tool?


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VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


How do I run the Smarts IP 9.2 OIDINFO tool?

To run the Smarts IP 9.2 OIDINFO tool, do the following:

  1. Open the oidInfo.conf configuration file found in <BASEDIR>/IP/smarts/conf/oidinfo/ for editing using sm_edit:

    sm_edit ../conf/oidinfo/oidInfo.conf

  2. Add the class and the name of the device along with the information to display (Discovery or Monitoring) as in the following:

    Switch            Monitoring             *
    Switch                       Discovery              *
    Router             Discovery              *
    Switch        host-x.x.x.x                      Discovery              *

  3. Save and close the oidInfo.conf configuration file.  This will save the file in the <BASEDIR>/IP/smarts/local/conf/oidinfo/ directory.
  4. Execute the Perl script using sm_perl from <BASEDIR>/IP/smarts/bin as follows:

    sm_perl -s <domain name> 

    The script will generate output similar to the following, concluding with an *.txt output file:

    Details Entered:-

    Current Installation  : /data/redhat5/IP/IP92/IP/smarts
    Broker                : x.x.x.x:1217
    Server Name           : NAME-IP-92
    Gather the OIDs and descriptions

    Read input device file succesfully

    Connected to: NAME-IP-92

    Will gather info for  <Switch><host-x.x.x.x><Discovery><*>
            We will now gather OID data for
            Completed gathering OID data

    We have completed collecting all OID data.
    Please find the info in the following file(s)

  5. Navigate to the Switch_host-x.x.x.x.txt output file above and you will see the OID that is used to poll in Smarts.