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How can we enable the 'View SQL Query' button in the Ad Hoc Editor in Advanced Reporting


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Sometimes, when creating Ad Hoc views via Advance Reporting, we want to take at look at the query being created. We see that the button 'View SQL Query' is shown in the Ad Hoc Editor, but that it's disabled by default. How can we enable this feature?

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Advanced Reporting in CA PPM


To enable the the functionality of the 'View SQL Query' button, take these steps

  1. Login directly to your Advanced Reporting server using the superuser account at http://<report_server_url>:8080/reportservice

  2. Navigate to the Manage tab and click on Server Settings

  3. In the Server Settings, click on Ad Hoc Settings

  4. Under the Ad Hoc Settings, check on the 'Enable View Query in Ad Hoc Editor' box and use the Change button to have the change take effect


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After applying the change, navigate back to your Ad Hoc Editor and you'll see that the 'View SQL Query' button in the Ad Hoc View Editor is now enabled.

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