How to affect an acid to a STC started by IEESYSAS?
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How to affect an acid to a STC started by IEESYSAS?


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Today there are a bunch of address spaces started as STCs (started tasks) in the way shown below:


In most cases, ACID IEESYSAS is not defined to CA Top Secret and it is not associated with any STC in the CA Top Secret STC record, so either the STC default ACID is taken or the start of the STC fails.




To have CA Top Secret select a specific ACID for the JOBNAME specified on the start IEESYSAS command, use the CA Top Secret Control Option OPTIONS(84).
To set this, you have to modify your TSS parameter file with OPTIONS(84) and then do a temporary shutdown and restart of CA Top Secret. The OPTIONS control option can NOT be set via the TSS MODIFY command
After setting OPTIONS(84), S IEESYSAS,JOBNAME=XYZ,PROG=ABC will start with user XYZ if TSS ADD(STC) PROCNAME(XYZ) ACID(XYZ) was done. Otherwise, the default STC ACID will be taken or the start will fail. 

Additional Information:

Refer to the CA Top Secret User Guide for details about the STC record and how to administer it.

Refer to the CA Top Secret Control Options Guide for the OPTIONS control option. 

OPTIONS(84) is not documented yet. Here is what it is used for:
Setting OPTIONS(84) allows the jobname to be used to determine which ACID is assigned to a started task.
If OPTIONS(84) is specified, the jobname (if specified) will be checked against the STC record and if a match is found, the specified ACID will be assigned to the task.
If the jobname is not found, the STC record is checked for the procname.  If neither is found, the default ACID is used.
If OPTIONS(84) is not specified, processing does not change.           


Release: TOPSEC00200-15-Top Secret-Security