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How to address search results in CA Unified Self Service (CA USS) showing CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) links as http://localhost.


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Search results in CA Unified Self Service (CA USS) show CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) links as http://localhost, there by making them unusable from end user workstations. How to fix this?


1) Login to CA USS as a user with USS Administrator privilege

2) On the left pane, click on Settings and select Data Sources

3) In the Data Sources list pane on the right, select the drop down for CA Service Desk Manager

4) Check that the value of Base URL, for example http://localhost  or http://servicedesk_server_name

5) The value in the above URL should be available for CA USS end user browser. If this is not available, then one would not be able to click on the search results from CA SDM in CA USS to see the real content from CA SDM.

6) Adjust the URL in step#4 above according to the requirement and click Test. CA USS performs a test against the URL now and will report the result towards the top of the data sources page.

7) If the test is successful, select the Save option to save the change in URL

8) Logout of CA USS, log back in and perform a search. Resulting links to the Knowledge articles from CA SDM should now be available for usage from end user browsers too. 



Release: SMITAM99000-14.1-Service Management-IT Asset Manager Package