Micro Flowcache hit rate low alarm
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Micro Flowcache hit rate low alarm


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VMware NSX Networking


Title: Alarm for Micro flowcache hitrate
Event ID: edge_health.micro_flow_cache_hit_rate_low
Alarm Description

  • Purpose: Indicates degradation in Edge performance
  • Impact: Decreased Edge performance


VMware NSX-T Data Center


Reason for low Flow Cache hit rate:

  • Unsupported traffic type
  • Short lived traffic 
  • Number of traffic flows / streams is greater than the size of Flow cache. 


Steps to Resolve
For 3.2.0 and higher

Recommenced Action:

  • The flow cache stats can be obtained using 'get dataplane flow-cache stats' Edge node CLI.
  • If the alarm persists for a long period of time or happens often move to an Edge with larger form factor.
    To increase form factor follow the steps to Redeploy NSX Edge. In case of VMC follow the steps to Scaleup SDDC.
    Note: This resolution does not apply for a Bare metal edge.

Maintenance window required for remediation? Yes

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